It May Be “Share Your Brain” Time.

Over the past decade, I’ve been fortunate to work with business owners and professionals looking toward, or entering, a new chapter in their career. Many times that “point of entry” is marketing, but digging deeper often reveals a restlessness in facing “what’s next.”

Business friends have often heard me suggest that it may be time to begin “sharing your brain” (followed by an awkward silence).

For those with decades of experience in their craft, the next chapter may be teaching, mentoring, or even starting a new business. That expertise can often be monetized which opens the door to new opportunities missed during their career. Things like traveling, exploring new adventures or even sports.

After years in sales, advertising and branding, I’ve acquired a lifetime of experience. I’m equal parts therapist, encourager and facilitator. By listening and coaching, I’m able to share my brain to help clients discover new possibilities.

My ability to recommend new paths for others often mimics my role as a marketing therapist. The process is very similar: throw out what’s always been – and consider what it can be.

So whether you’re in the late innings of your career, or lost passion for your business, or simply restless about where you’re heading, it’s time to be selfish. If shedding that “Groundhog Day” feeling sounds enticing, it might be time to Think Different.

And if you’re ready to explore the possibilities, reach out to someone who loves to share his brain.

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