Discover renewed passion for your business – through frank analysis.


Experience to bring about change – with confidence. 


Stronger messaging and creativity – with greater clarity.

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Protem brings outsourced marketing management to business owners seeking change and accountability – without the time, talent or patience to get the job done right, in-house.  We discover unique, and often unrecognized, qualities to elevate the brand. Protem takes responsibility for strategic marketing, creative development and selection of talented, trusted resources. 

Cups of Coffee

Discovery Process

Too often, business owners are guilty of relying on intuition to make decisions. Making well-informed marketing decisions means stop doing what you’ve always done.

Marketing Therapy

Change is healthy and in most cases, necessary. Digging deep, and with honest assessment, business owners will be empowered to market more confidently.

Content Development

The most sober wisdom in good writing is  “think long, write short.”  Finding the right words, while remaining brief, ensures your message will be read and understood. 


Brand Evolution

Rebranding is uncovering what’s already there – and making it fresh again. Your brand is the source of promises made. Redefining the brand perception is the keystone of marketing.

Website Production

A website is often the first impression people have of your business. Reaching people at high speed and encouraging engagment is the main objective online. 

Authority Marketing

Effective publicity will make the company stronger while growing the brand. Company news can have meaningful impact – while encouraging customer engagement.

Kind Words

  • I have been a client of Protem for more than 20 years. I rely on Jim because of his insistence on strategy before tactics. I rely on him to find the best resources to produce the elements that support the tactics. He keeps me aligned with what my clients really want and on the right messages to sustain the relationships with them and prospects.

    Paul Riecks
    Make Meetings Matter
  • Having worked with Protem for almost four years has allowed me to see what a true professional relationship should be like. We work so closely with Jim that he has become a part of our work family. He’s proactive and helps us stay marketable so we can run the association smoothly.

    Shannon Shagoury
    Mechanical Contractors Association of Maryland
  • We engaged Protem in 2009 to head up our marketing program. Over the years, they have managed our rebranding, trade shows, industry marketing – keeping us focused and at the forefront of our industry.

    Gene Ostendorf
    InOne Technology
  • In 2006, Jim asked me “what exactly does your company do?” – that’s when I knew we needed a stronger brand message. I immediately knew this was a great fit. The Discovery Process was the blue print – fill in the blanks, do your homework and listen to Jim. He is my most valued asset – with his insight and therapy, our message is heard.

    David Sutphen
    David Sutphen Design
  • It has been an extreme pleasure and privilege to have benefited from Jim’s expertise in the launch and promotion of the Claire Marie Foundation. His commitment is astounding. His motivation, inspiration and expansive network has made our hopes a reality. 

    Marianne Banister
    Claire Marie Foundation
  • There is a good reason why PHCC has worked with Protem since 2001 – we love working with them. They are creative, responsive, and accurate!

    Cindy Sheridan, CAE
    PHCC Educational Foundation
  • Over the years, Jim has helped us grow three different businesses. He’s been our teacher and guide, trusted resource and chief encourager. He doesn’t just take our ideas and tell us how to translate them – he brings us ideas to fuel our success. We couldn’t do what we do without Jim and his team. For sure, we wouldn’t enjoy it as much!

    Margaret Wilson
    Tandem Partners
  • We hired Protem for a brand refresh during our 25th anniversary year.  Protem worked hand-in-glove with our team to ensure our objectives were met and the results were outstanding.  We enjoyed our partnership with Protem and have received rave reviews about our refreshed look, positioning us well for the next 25 years.

    Dominick Dunnigan
    SOUTHWAY Built with Integrity
  • We have embraced the mission, vision and value which you developed, as well as the rebranding everything as CarsonSAINT. Sales last quarter were up 50 % over the prior year and our pipeline is up 300%. Many thanks for your good work here.

    Richard Carson
  • You make it easy for people to talk and connect with you – and it is clear you know exactly what you are doing. You exude confidence and I needed that kind of partnership. You became a friend and trusted advisor in my business, and gave me a push at the exact moment that I needed it.

    Sheila Smith

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As a writer, thinker and therapist, Jim applies his four decades of experience to startups, entrepreneurs and associations. After owning and managing two marketing companies, he now practices as an outsourced marketing therapist. Jim earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing Communications from Loyola University Maryland. Married to Dr. Deborah Naylor with three children, five grandchildren and two dogs, Jim is an an avid photographer and frustrated golfer.


The Golfers’ Charitable Foundation provides financial support for children and youth seeking a rewarding education and activities. Each year, The Foundation donates proceeds from its core fundraiser, the “Scramble for Kids” Golf Tournament. Since 1967, The Foundation has raised $3.2 million for area children’s and youth organizations.

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