Turn a New Leaf on Your Business

Have you ever wondered why leaves change color? I did a little research to understand this intriguing mystery.

Deciduous trees suck up sunlight in summer to maximize growth and then drop their leaves in winter. Blame it on chlorophyll – the pigment that aids in photosynthesis and makes leaves green. When it gets cooler, chlorophyll becomes greedy and withdraws nutrients from the leaves and hands it over to the branches.

As the chlorophyll disappears, we begin to see the brilliant colors as the leaves begin to fall from the trees. Then it’s time to find the rake.

For your business, autumn is the ideal time to reflect and plan for next year. Be sure to begin with a review of marketing accomplishments, as well as missed opportunities during the past year.

I’m often engaged by business owners to define the corporate culture. This may include how the brand is perceived, what the company stands for, and how to best share these with your audience.

  • How current is your contact list? Your email list is the lifeline for customer retention – be sure to include influencers.
  • Are you sharing your company’s mission and values? If you can’t personally articulate these – it’s homework time.
  • Does the company name, logo, and website still hold up? Are these reflecting how well you perform what you do?

As the trees shed their leaves for a new beginning – you too should get your house in order for 2022. If you need help, I’ll bring the rake.

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