Cost Of Indecision

For a small business, there is much written about measuring the ROI – Return On Investment. This buzz term is the subject of what to gain when investing in marketing – the ratio of investment divided by the cost determines how big the win. I believe there is another measurement tool that a business owner...
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Groundhog Day

Get What You’ve Always Got Does your marketing feel like the movie Groundhog Day? Is your plan to do what you did last year, again? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Maybe this year will be the year to take a closer look, shake things up and make a real difference. “If you...
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Right Is So Wrong

You heard me, right? Ending a statement with the word RIGHT has become the accepted method of asking a question — or making sure the person actually hears you. And once you hear it, it will drive you as crazy as when someone uses YOU KNOW. I first noticed this annoying practice during the presidential...
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