Here Comes The Sun

After a long, cold winter, lingering Covid concerns, and the effects of darkness, spring has arrived. Recently, I heard the classic by George Harrison, Here Comes The Sun and decided it’s the perfect anthem to usher in the new season.

This song seemed to pair well with one of my favorite newsletters – The Optimist. Twice weekly, wonderfully uplifting stories appear in contrast to the daily deluge of unsettling news.

Here’a few headlines that lifted my spirits:

  • A delivery driver got stuck in a customer’s driveway during the Texas storm – they took her in for five days
  • A high school freshman created a team of volunteers to help hundreds of people register for their vaccines
  • A Baltimore restaurant owner drove 6 hours to cook a favorite meal for a terminally ill customer
  • Yo-Yo Ma played a surprise concert for a clinic during his post-vaccination waiting period

You don’t even need to read the stories – the headlines alone paint pictures of selflessness, noble acts of kindness.

The Power of Positive News

The pandemic continues to keep businesses off balance. We’re forced to focus on what’s urgent, with less time than ever devoted to what’s important. It’s easy to get caught with your head down – missing opportunities to share good news with your customers, employees, associates and influencers.

Here are a few opportunities you may be missing to share with your audience:

  • A new hire comes aboard or a loyal one has a significant work anniversary
  • An act of giving or working for a community cause was organized and managed by your team members
  • A key employee was interviewed by a professional organization or local business publication
  • Recognition awards which were presented for employee performance or core value accomplishments
  • The company reached a milestone or significant achievement within the industry

If your email list is feeling lonely, social media unattended, or internal communications have stalled, you’re missing opportunities worthy of your attention.

You may be underestimating the importance of sharing positive news with people who really want to hear from you.

Start spreading the news!

Photo credit: Jeffrey Gisriel

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