In This Together – Really?

As we enter the third month of this pandemic, I’m growing weary of hearing “we’re all in this together” from car dealers, online merchants and corporate America. Though well-intended, the reality is that we’re just not able to be in this together.

For those of us sheltering at home, we are actually HIDING from the virus – doing as we’re instructed. We see images of brave medical staff, first responders, delivery workers, grocers, contractors and restaurant owners putting their lives on the line HELPING our community. And for those who have contracted the virus – sequestered in hospitals or nursing homes – and shuttered businesses deemed non-essential – these are the people who are severely HURTING.

What we do have in common, is feeling vulnerable and a sense of loss – being separated from those we love, the life we’re accustomed to and the livelihood we’ve earned. These feelings of despair can paralyze us, or can motivate us. I choose motivation.

Feed Those Helping The Hurting

With the flurry of Coronavirus marketing – complete with piano soundtracks and platitudes – one message has pierced the clutter: frontline workers are exhausted and undernourished. Restaurants and businesses have stepped up by feeding these extraordinary professionals – at the risk of their own health.

These partnerships have inspired me to endorse their efforts. Financial support will help save local restaurants as they feed our frontline workers. There are many groups who deserve recognition, but I am sharing two who have mobilized well and are making a dramatic impact.

I hope you’ll be similary inspired to contribute to their programs – linked below. For me, this is a meaningful way to bring those who are hiding, helping and hurting together – one meal at a time.

Frontline Foods

Feeding The Frontline

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