Elect To Keep It Simple

As we enter the next election cycle, how prepared are you to sort through the ambitious claims and promises coming your way? If you’re feeling overwhelmed – you’re not alone. With just 483 days until Election Day, it’s incumbent upon the candidates to persuasively defend their platforms in order to convince voters. The contender who debates in language that’s simple, concise, and communicates trust, will come out on top. 

When I’m asked to renovate the messaging for a client, my mission is to reduce the number of words – while highlighting strengths. It’s actually harder to tell a story with fewer words, but ultimately, more effective. 

Here’s a few questions to check the strength of your messaging: 

  • Are you making too many claims that may confuse people?
  • Does your messaging sound like something you would say?
  • Are the standout qualities of your product or service clear?
  • Does each claim or benefit pass the ‘so what’ test? 

If your marketing message is lengthy or complicated, pare it down to fewer compelling points and allow those to be the centerpiece of your communications. Be intentional, confident and beneficial – but also true. 

Takeaway: Abraham Lincoln’s 275 word Gettysburg Address effectively defined the meaning of the Civil War – in less than three minutes. 

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