Vacation Aversion

Summer has arrived and July 4th falls on a Wednesday. This week I’ve heard business owners say, almost apologetically, “I’m taking vacation the week of July 4th  – it’s just four days off that way.”

American entrepreneurs and business-owners use just 25% of their vacation days, and worse yet, 42% don’t take any vacation at all. Sadly, of those who take a vacation, 61% work while on vacation.

Europeans consider vacations mandatory and take up to 30 days off each year. In fact, most countries have mandatory vacation laws.

Do What’s Good For You. Studies show vacation time reduces stress and improves relationships – while increasing the mental and physical health of the entire family.

Why are we so resistant to taking what we deserve? Sitting on the beach, time with family, riding bikes, or watching a sunset is way better than a week at the office. Sadly on our final day, three quarters of us will be saying, “I wish I’d spent less time at the office.”

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