October 15, 2018
That foreboding day has returned – along with the rush for new shoes, haircuts, backpacks, and supplies. Over 78 million students are headed to the classroom, with a reported 2.5% suffering from Didaskaleinophobia, the fear of going back to school. Yes, it’s real. Remember the feeling the night before the first day of school? Excitement mixed...
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In 1952, advertising sage Leo Burnett proclaimed “what helps people, helps business.” This credo is at the core of socially-conscious companies that wisely include customers in promotions and marketing. Recently, I saw a commercial for Firehouse Subs, a national chain that wears its corporate culture on its sleeve. Their mission: a commitment to flavorful food, heartfelt service, and...
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Summer has arrived and July 4th falls on a Wednesday. This week I’ve heard business owners say, almost apologetically, “I’m taking vacation the week of July 4th  – it’s just four days off that way.” American entrepreneurs and business-owners use just 25% of their vacation days, and worse yet, 42% don’t take any vacation at all. Sadly, of those who take a...
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