Influencer Power

A quick tour of Instagram will reveal the power that influencers have in marketing products. These Influencers are using social platforms to reach thousands, if not millions, of followers for product endorsement.

Manny the Frenchie, a French bulldog with 4 million followers, models Martha Stewart’s Petsmart products and appeared on Steve Harvey’s TV show. Since 2014, Manny has made millions for his owners and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the ASPCA. Companies are realizing the power of building relationships with influencers.

Marketing to Influencers

Most business owners head up business development – not a bad practice, but it can be exhausting. Having an influential person would be helpful, but costly. So why settle for just one influencer when you can assign a squadron of business associates to be influnetial on your behalf?

Create a list of those who believe in your abilities, deputize them over coffee and make sure they have a clear understanding of your ideal customer. Then ask them to be your advocate in their business circle.

How many influencers can you commission in the next month?

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