The Oscar Goes To…

Watching The Oscars made me realize how many good movies I hadn’t seen this year. Of those I did see, they moved me. I believe what makes a movie memorable is a good story – capable of transporting me to a different time, place or mindset. A good film doesn’t need to be nominated for an Oscar or even be theater-length. The film below tells a moving story in just three minutes. And it’s doing much more than selling a razor.

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Marketing Minute

Using video in your marketing will engage an audience. Your customers are more likely to watch a short Alm than read pages of text. A well-written and produced film can increase the time spent on your website. Plus, 76% of viewers say they will share a video – provided it’s engaging. Building trust in your brand should be your main goal – and that begins with a memorable story. Harry’s did an amazing job amplifying the cultural conversation around what it means to be a man.

What conversation can you begin to build trust in your brand?


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