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Change Is Good.

Helping companies find clarity to market effectively.

Don’t Buy The Cow.

Outsourced management makes marketing accountable.

Turbocharged Marketing.

Talented, reliable resources deliver creative horsepower.

Good Reason to Get Real.

Protem believes that every company has unique and often unrecognized qualities that when discovered will enhance the brand and generate growth. We facilitate a process that helps companies stop talking about what they do and start telling how well they do it. Our best work is done for companies seeking change, clarity and energy.

Allow Us to Take the Wheel.

Outsourced marketing management improves the accountability of marketing and allows you to focus on your business. Protem takes responsibility for the strategy of traditional and online marketing, the management of creative development and selection of talented resources.

Our Team is Ready to Step Up.

Protem Resources manages marketing initiatives for businesses and associations that don’t have the time, talent or patience to get the job done in-house. We provide “out of the tent” perspective and share our valued resources – which saves money and avoids missteps.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Never more than today has the need to “control” your personal brand been more important. With information about you available across multiple social media platforms, you need to get your personal brand under control. As a business owner, you are directly associated...

COI Impacts The ROI. Really, It Does.

For a small business, volumes are written about measuring the ROI – Return On Investment. This buzz term is the subject of what is to be gained when investing in marketing, adding new equipment or hiring a key employee. The ratio of investment divided by the...

So You Think You Can Email?

When the word email comes up in conversation, watch the reaction you get from others. You’ll likely hear grumbling, bragging, dread or cursing. It seems the subject of email garners different reactions from people. Knowing how you personally react can influence how...